Creating a protected land-based space for hearing, sharing and creating land based ways of setting “the load” down.

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In preparation for our first session, please review the welcome package and have some of the supplies with you. For Day 1 you will need some small stones and large stones that can fit in your hand. See the picture on the package for examples.

Have snacks, water and kleenex and make your learning space comfortable. If you are unable to collect the stones, no worries!

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Watch prior to basket

Clearing space video


(I) Participants will be able to describe ways to clear and create a protected land-based space for hearing and sharing trauma

(II)Participants will be able to demonstrate how to hear trauma without being traumatized by it

(III) Be able to describe vicarious trauma and intergenerational trauma and ways to set it down 

(IV) Be able to define a flashback and triggers and identify ways to attend to them quickly 

(V)Identify indigenous helpers and how to lean into land to create a hearing space